Publikationen 2019

Layout Design for Industrial Production Systems using Graph-Based Design Languages

C. Schlueter, T. Breckle, J. Kiefer, R. Stetter
Proceedings of the COMA 19
ISBN: 978-0-7972-1779-9


Contemporary product design processes are becoming increasingly fast-moving and volatile, thus more agile planning concepts are needed. Modern planning tasks for layout design purposes are performed by trained planning personal and supported by software tools. It is of interest to examine how a planning approach based on graph-based design languages can be implemented in a concept planning environment. The main idea was to establish an autonomous design language, which is able to create production lines as well as shop floor manufacturing systems for larger production scales. This paper proposes a method that supports the design process for manufacturing and assembly layouts in an automated way. Structured data input (from product, process, resource and organizational levels) is used to generate material flow-based manufacturing layouts with the help of graph-based design languages. Within the mapped process, in- and outputs have been set in a way that keeps human interference to a minimum. While the layout optimization process is done manually, layout structuring and dimensioning are done by the prior mentioned design language. Subsequently, the design language evaluates each solution through the comparison of several cost factors (e.g. machine hour rate, fixed and variable costs). This way, an optimized result for layout purposes is achieved. The method is verified by application on a use case in which an assembly layout for a self-balancing two-wheel scouter is planned.