Use-Case 1: Fronthood

The complete Use-Case is processed at four different locations. These are the universities of applied sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten, Ulm and Albstadt-Sigmaringen. The fourth location is the University of Stuttgart. The different main emphasizes of the locations can be subdivided into the following disciplines:

  • Analysis and synthesis of the front hood models
  • Concept phase of the production planning
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Data handling

The location Ravensburg-Weingarten deals with the analysis and synthesis of front hood models. The aim is a demand driven, fully automated CAD geometry creation with a following shaping of a simulation model that can be used for a rating and validation of the geometry.

The location Ulm deals with the conceptual design of the production and its target planning. It furthermore deals with the requirements engineering and a parallel running economic evaluation.

The third location Albstadt-Sigmaringen considers the integration of the virtual commissioning into the Use-Case. All the information of the preceding processes are the base for the creation of the digital factory and the virtual commissioning.

The fourth location Stuttgart is responsible as well for the recreation and maintenance of the design language for the use-Case as integration of the design language considering creation, embedding and integration of the initial and new design languages.