Project description

The aim of this research project is the holistic integrated digital description and execution of the product life cycle (PLC).
The central research question of the project is the consistent integration of the individual engineering domains in the PLC (requirements, design, product architecture and geometry, virtual testing, digital factory, holistic evaluations of costs and energies) into an overall model.
The distinctive approach in this project is the application of an engineering framework of graph-based design languages, which allow the reuse of pre-existing engineering models and know-how.
Three use cases (example products) are analyzed in the project in order to show the industrial applicability: an automotive front hood, a two-wheel in-line vehicle (compare Segway) and a quadrocopter.
The methodology of the knowledge based digital PLC will be transferred by means of collaborative education and continuing education offers on the basis of the three use cases und serves for a goal-directed knowledge transfer into industrial practice.


Project structure